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Microgrids - The Next Energy Grid

Integrating microgrids into power systems in Alberta

The way we power up our businesses, homes and modern lives with microgridsis about to change for the better. Advances in solar power, energy storage, control systems and big data are going to be ubiquitous and unnoticable to the next generation. Microgrids are localized grids that allow the parallel use of renewable energy sources with bulk sources from the main electrical grid. The environment wins by reduced carbon emission. Business owners win by saving on energy costs and knowing they are doing the right thing.

The cost of distributed energy production has dropped to the point where individuals can start generating power for their own needs. Solar power in Alberta is a realistic way to integrate renewable energy into a low-carbon, highly reliable energy mix. Backup generators provide self-reliance for continued business systems. Wind and micro-hydro are for speciality niches.

In a modern society, we must rely on each other for all types of needs, goods and services. When it comes to electricity, most industries will never disconnect from the electrical grid. Self-sufficient islands will only be needed for remote installations in Alberta, and are very expensive to run in this climate. We create microgrids to integrate new clean technologies with the main energy supply to save money and increase reliability.

Every microgrid is different and needs to be customized for engineering, economics and efficiency. A flexible microgrid will operate seamlessly in the background, saving money and the environment. A reliable microgrid allows you to concentrate on your business while quietly doing good for our society and the environment.

Our electrical consulting engineers come from telecommunications, electric utilities, control systems and the regulators in Alberta. We know the history of the electrical supply and how to use new technology to create a low-carbon, reliable, high-tech power source for your business.