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Solar Power in Alberta

solar panels in Alberta

Energy needs to be efficient, reliable, sustainable and clean. Advances in power technology are giving business owners choices for how we power our home, offices and industries. Electrical engineers understand that energy requirements vary from client to client. Implementing renewable power needs to be engineered and coordinated with thought and care. That's what we do.

Renewable Energy Sources - Solar, Wind & Microhydro

can work for you. Payback periods are shortening; eqiupment costs are falling; microgrids are becoming more reliable. Despite the challenging weather climate in Alberta, sustainable energy is becoming an integral part of our energy supply. We'll help you properly plan, engineer and coordinate this new energy into your building infrastructure.

Projects range from solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydro. We're here to help your commercial or industrial building generate electricity to offset rising costs from the main supplier. And to reduce the upcoming carbon tax levy.

UPS - Backup Power Supply

Critical systems need a power solution with a 24/7 uptime. Even a short momentary interruption can reset computers and cause faults in industrial control processes. With a UPS system design, you can gain a reliable power system that you can trust no matter what happens to the main supply. And we are beginning to see more UPS systems for commercial applications as well.

Carbon Management

Driving down the cost of carbon requires technical, cultural, management and commercial consideration. Now that the price of carbon must be factored the cost of doing business, having an carbon assessment and forecast is as important as an energy audit. It's always easier to design a carbon strategy at the beginning of a project instead of retrofitting it to an existing installation.

Energy engineering and management is about designing to the way you live and work, not the other way around. It's about using the latest technology and the latest environmental regulations with the way your company works. Use technology to make life easier and more reliable.