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Electrical Engineering Consultants

Electrical engineering consultants in Alberta

A main fused-disconnect at a commercial store in Edmonton.

As a business owner, it's important for your building to have reliable power. Keeping the lights on, the heat going and the motors running makes your life easier for your employees and clients. As electrical engineering consultants, it's our job to work with you to design a safe and reliable electrical system.

If you're a restauranteur, an office building owner or a data center manager, the basics of electricity is all the same but no two electrical distribution systems are the identical. Each system needs to be customized to mimic the flow of operations, be it from the kitchen to the dining room floor or the front lobby to the upper floor penthouse.

It's our job to work with business owners and architects to design an electrical system that right for you today and well into the future. Building safety and functionality is our #1 priority for commercial building design and industrial building design.

Electrical engineering services include:

Lighting designers and engineers in Alberta

No two businesses are the same and neither is the lighting design. This fashion outlet is nearing completion in Fort McMurray and offers track and spot lighting.

Electrical Design

We design the system from the utility transformer to each and every light bulb and electrical receptacle. We work with:

  • Owners to make sure all of your specialized equipment is properly connected
  • Architects to ensure the entire flow of the building can accommodate the electrical infrastructure
  • Mechanical engineering consultants to power up air conditioners and heaters to keep your office comfortable year round.
  • Electrical utilities to ensure you're properly connected to the electrical grid. We design from the transformer and to every electrical connection, light and receptacle in your building.
  • Phone and cable companies to make sure you're connected to the wired world.
  • Electricians who follow our electrical.
  • Local inspectors who verify the design and installation is compliant to national, provincial and local codes.
  • Lighting Design

    Lighting is for function and aesthetics. It creates a mood for your clients and keeps your employees productive. Paralynx Engineering provides lighting design services to create the look and feel that's right for you & your office. And then we'll address energy efficiency with the latest lighting technology.

    Fire Alarm Design & Verification

    Fire alarm systems and design in Alberta

    Fire alarm systems has reduced the number of fire-related deaths in Canada to one of the lowest levels in the world.

    No matter what business you're in, it's important to ensure the minimum life safety systems for your building. We provide fire alarm system design to ensure a minimum level of fire protection safety.

    Communication System Design

    Keeping your business connected to the wired world is important. We provide a structured cabling system for large offices and even simple phone design for smaller commercial stores. It's important for commerce and productivity to make sure your connections remain live with minimal downtime.

    "When you strive to exceed expectations, you feel good helping someone else succeed."
    This is how we apply electrical engineering to your project.