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Electrical Planning Reports & EV-Ready Plans for BC Stratas

British Columbia recently passed legislation that requires stratas of 5 or more strata units to obtain an Electrical Planning Report (EPR). The EPR allows stratas, and the owners, to better understand their current electrical capacity and how well-suited it is to meet future needs. Stratas can use the EPR to help plan for future upgrades to heating and cooling systems, for potential electrification of systems that aren't currently electric, and for additional needs such as EV charging stations.

Electrical planning report for stratas

The EPR provides information on the strata's:

  • Current electrical capacity;
  • Estimated peak usage;
  • Spare capacity;
  • And an estimate on future needs.

All BC strata corporations with 5 or more strata units are required to obtain an EPR. This includes condominimums, townhouse complexes, commercial buildings, hotels, and more.

[External link (new window): Bulletin from the BC Government website]

EV-Ready Plans

The increasing popularity of electrical vehicles also means that there's a heightened demand for EV chargers. In 2023, the BC Government lowered the voting threshold for strata corporations to install EV charging stations as a strata corporation expense. Some municipalities within British Columbia have also made it mandatory for new developments to include EV charging stations.

Paralynx will consult with the strata to determine the number of EV chargers anticipated, and determine how much electricity will be consumed by these chargers and their infrastructure. We'll provide a professional opinion on what the strata needs to plan for in order to include EV charging infrastructure in the future.

The Process

Paralynx will visit your strata to begin our investigation into its electrical system. This is an extensive, detailed process that allows us to get a better idea of the extent of the work involved to prepare the EPR. We'll request that the strata send us any supporting documentation prior to our visit so that we can prepare. Someone will need to provide us with access to the electrical room(s) and possible accompanying spaces as well.

Once our engineer has completed their initial investigation, a custom fee proposal for the electrical planning report will be prepared. An EV-ready plan can be prepared together with the EPR if initially requested. An additional site visit may be required if the strata decides at a later date that they wish for an EV-ready plan to be included.

Costs will vary widely depending on the individual building. At least one initial visit will be required.

Deadlines for Obtaining an EPR

The deadline to have an Electrical Planning Report produced is the end of 2026 for Lower Mainland stratas and for those within the Capital Regional District (CRD). Stratas located outside of these areas must have an EPR by the end of 2028. As the deadline approaches, we anticipate a surge in activity as stratas strive to get the EPR in place. It can be a time-consuming process, so while the deadline may seem far off, we recommend that stratas get the EPR in motion well ahead of time.

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