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Electrical Design for Multi-Family Residential Buildings

Paralynx Engineering has worked on multi-unit residential dwellings like townhomes, condominium complexes, and apartment buildings. Every project is unique and interesting in its own way.

Some of our design considerations include:

  • Power distribution: sufficient power must be available to every unit, room, hallway, and every piece of equipment or light fixture, regardless of where they're located within the building;
  • A discussion of what types of appliances & equipment will be standard in each unit, to ensure there's enough electrical capacity to power everything up. Sufficient receptables - and appropriate location - must also be accounted for;
  • Life safety systems, including emergency lighting, fire alarms, and exit signage;
  • A discussion of future needs;
  • Interior and exterior lighting, designed for visibility, safety, and security;
  • Coordination with our mechanical and structural engineering partners, as well as local utilities.

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