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Structural Engineering Consulting

Some projects will require structural engineering services, in addition to mechanical and electrical consulting services. Structural engineering covers the entire building envelope above, below and around facility. Structural engineering consultants are used on new construction and renovation projects that require design changes to the foundation, the roof and all the supporting structures that keep your building safe.

Structural engineering services

Since no two buildings are the same, engineering consultants must design, customize and sign-off the structural design to meet national, provincial and municipal standards. Consultants work together with architects, developers, clients, and other project team members to design a safe and functional building.

Architectural Design

Structural consultants work with architects at the start of the project to provide a framework which plays a key component in the overall shape, size and function of the building. This includes:

  • Foundation analysis and design;
  • Load analsyis of beams and supporting members;
  • Seismic engineering and loading;
  • Wind, water, and snow load analysis, which is especially important for cold, snowy climates such as Alberta and many parts of British Columbia;
  • Sustainable and environmental design to reduce building energy consumption;
  • Designing to follow national, provincial, and municipal building codes;
  • Coordination with the architect and general contractor before construction begins.

Building Process

Structural consultants will work with your project throughout the entire construction process:

  • Issue design documents and changes for application to the Authority Having Jurisdiction;
  • Provide review of materials and signoff of use and application in a project;
  • Provide inspections at various stages of the build to ensure quality of work and compliance to building standards;
  • Provide remedial solutions for new and existing construction deficiencies;
  • Coordinate with mechanical engineering consultants on duct spaces and ceiling cavities to make buildings more energy-efficient.

Projects That Require Structural Engineers

Structural engineering consultants are needed on big and small projects alike, including:

  • Multi-family townhomes and condos of a certain size;
  • Large custom homes in all types of geographies in Alberta and BC;
  • Pre-engineered, steel and tilt-up's for commercial building design and industrial building design;
  • Warehouse and storage buildings;
  • Civic buildings including rec centres, churches, theatres;
  • Farm, food processing and winery buildings;
  • Bulk storage industrial buildings;
  • Fire/roof/vehicular-impact evaluations as well as failure investigations;
  • Retaining wall design and assessment.

Paralynx Engineering works with structural engineering partners to provide an integrated solution for your project, that can include mechanical and electrical consultants. Please contact us to see how we can help with your next project.