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Lighting Design

Industrial and commercial lighting design in Alberta

As a business owner, it's important for your building to have functional lighting levels and a welcoming atmosphere. To most people lighting is boring but in fact, it's the second largest consumer of electricity in Canada. And in Alberta, where we spend long winter days inside, lighting needs to be comfortable as well. Lighting design is a engineering field that takes into function, aesthetics and energy-efficiency.

Commercial Lighting Design | Industrial Lighting Design

If you're considering a new building or renovation, give our electrical engineers a call to discuss the following fundamental principles of lighting design and how to customize it for your industry:

  1. Function - Lighting differs from place to place. A warm-light restaurant creates a mood that different from an office-space. The art of light is to create mood while still being functional. We work across industries to apply best practices that's best for your business.
  2. Energy Efficiency - Reducing electricity use doesn't mean turning off lights. LED and other lighting controls make compliance to recently accepted ASHRAE standards possible.
  3. Aesthetics - Creating mood and atmosphere is what lighting does. Without words, the first glance at an architectured interior or exterior can affect your client's experience.

Lighting for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings needs to be customized to the time, location and client's preferences. We offer ideas and designs that make for a functional and proud place to work and live.

Street Lighting | Parking Lot Lighting

Good lighting prevents accidents. As members of the IMSA and the IES, Paralynx Engineers follow North American standards to design street and that help to keep both pedestrians and vehicles safe.

Lighting Controls | LED Lighting

Too much technology makes life unnecessarily complicated. We work with you and within you budget to integrate only the latest technology that betters your function, form and long-term business costs.

"When you strive to exceed expectations, you feel good helping someone else succeed."
This is how we apply lighting design to your project.