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Fire Alarm Design and Verification

A fire alarm system is a critical part of a building's overall life safety system. Businesses above a certain size are required by code to have a fire alarm system designed, verified, and signed-off by an electrical engineer. Fire alarm engineering deals with the design of a system that alerts occupants if there is a fire. It may also automatically contact the fire department when tripped.

Fire alarm design and verification

The goal of a well-engineered fire alarm system is to detect the fire hazard as quickly as possible, to protect lives and property. We not only look at the minimum required by code, but also look at the design from a structural point of view as fire can weaken the main structure of the building. Integrating the system with a sprinkler system, HVAC and smoke dampeners (which are designed by mechanical engineering consultants) can result in a more functional system.

Not all businesses are required to have a fire alarm system (although you may choose to). Buildings or businesses above a certain size, and with a certain occupany or hazard level, may be required to have a system in place. For instance, depending on the codes in effect, a restaurant with a capacity of over 150 people may need a fire alarm system to safely evaculate the crowd. A small stand-alone cafe that only holds 30 people may not.

As electrical engineering consultants, we provide fire alarm design and verification that's compliant to national, provincial, and municipal building code regulations.

Fire alarm systems must be:

  • Designed to code;
  • Submitted to the local authority having jurisdiction;
  • Installed by a certified technician (note, that's not us);
  • Verified, inspected and signed-off by an engineer (that's us!).

Fire Alarm Services

Our electrical consultants design complete systems, or renovated fire alarms systems, with the following devices:

  • Coded fire alarm systems;
  • Conventional systems;
  • Fire alarm control panels;
  • Heat detectors;
  • Smoke detectors;
  • Horns and strobes;
  • Door openers.

The national and provincial building codes mandate the type of fire protection required for various types of buildings. Some high-occupancy businesses and multi-family residential buildings require both a fire alarm system and a fire protection system. Others may require just a fire alarm system.

Modifying An Existing Fire Alarm System

As your business space grows, additions and changes may be required by the municipality. For example, a new exit door will require a new pull-station. An elevator upgrade may also trigger an upgrade (you don't want an elevator to open on the floor having the fire!).

We provide professional engineering service for these types of tenant-improvement projects.

Contact us if your local authorities ask you for modifications to your fire alarm system; if you have a new system you'd like to put into place; or if you need help determining what you need to do to be in compliance with code.

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