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Multi-Family Residential Building Design

Paralynx Engineering provides electrical engineering services for multi-storey residential condominium complexes, low-rise apartment buildings, and townhomes. We work with project teams encompassing architects, structural and mechanical engineers, general contractors, clients, and others, to design a building you'll be proud of.

Electrical consulting for multi-family residential buildings

A multi-family residential building design can involve multiple engineering services:

These systems not only keep people and buildings comfortable throughout the year, they also provide important safety fallbacks should a hazard occur on any floor. We work in close collaboration with the architectural team, to create a building that is energy-efficient and safe.

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical consulting partners design services for multi-storey residential projects, which may include:

  • Heat loss & heat gain calculations;
  • Gas & electric heating systems;
  • Ductwork design & drawings;
  • Radiant heating & cooling system design;
  • Interior design & drawings;
  • Sprinkler system design;
  • Natural gas piping design;
  • Tender services.

Electrical Design

Paralynx Engineering offers electrical engineering design services for the apartment bulding, townhouse, and condo market, including:

All projects are unique with their own layouts, designs and engineered systems. Each project is custom-designed to meet its specific goals. Contact us to see how we can help you with the design of your next multi-family residential building.