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Electrical Design for Restaurants

Restaurants vary from small cafes, bakeries, or coffee shops, to large dining areas. Paralynx Engineering has designed a wide variety of restaurants, each with its own unique vision.

Some of the electrical design considerations we look at, among many, include:

  • Ensuring there's enough electrical capacity to power up all your kitchen equipment as well as lighting and life-safety needs;
  • Both current and future needs should be considered;
  • Designing lighting that fits the needs of each part of your restaurant (ie. dining area vs kitchen), as well as your budget;
  • A discussion of energy-efficiency costs and considerations;
  • Looking at location of access panels and service rooms, to allow for easier maintenance;
  • Coordination with mechanical engineering partners, and local utilities when needed.

Contact us with your ideas and requirements to see how we can help with your restaurant.

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