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Mechanical Engineering Consulting

Projects often require more than just one type of consultant. As electrical engineering consultants, we understand the importance of working in teams to meet project goals. Paralynx Engineering works with various consulting partners which include mechanical engineering consultants.

Mechanical consultants are an integral part of building design during construction. For instance, it's important to have a reliable, effective heating, cooling and plumbing systems. Our mechanical consulting partners can work with you to design effective, safe HVAC and plumbing systems for your building.

No two buildings are the same. Mechanical consultants will custom design HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems to national, provincial and municipal standards. Our mechanical consulting partners will work with us, as well as with business owners, architects, and other project stakeholders to create a solution that's safe and functional. We'll work towards project goals and with budgets. commercial building design and industrial building design.

Heating and cooling units for buildings

HVAC Design

Efficient and effective heating and cooling systems are critical to the comfort of the building's occupants.

  • Natural gas heating is often the most cost-effective solution for colder climates such as Edmonton and northern Alberta;
  • Electric and propane heating is commonly used in rural and industrial properties;
  • Electrical heat pumps are the most efficient in some locations;
  • Rooftop units and air-conditioners are used to cool entire interior spaces;
  • Designs must follow applicable municipal, provincial, and national building and fire codes;
  • Mechanical equipment is coordinated with the fire alarm systems designed by the electrical consulting engineers like Paralynx Engineering.

Plumbing Design

Separating fresh water from wastewater isn't glamorous, but it's an important piece of design work provided by mechanical consultants.

  • Building designs must have appropriate water supply for human consumption, industrial purposes and sprinkler systems'
  • The municipality's utility must be connected to your building's system to provide sanitation connections that have the capacity for expected wastewater;
  • Hot water heating can be provided with natural gas or electricity;
  • Storm sewer services are available to remove rain water from the roof and away from the foundation walls that could lead to basement flooding;
  • All types of piping systems may be included in air and natural gas systems.

Fire Protection Systems

Sprinkler systems are probably familiar to many people as an important component of fire protection systems. Other life safety systems include:

  • Wet Systems: pipes are filled with water, ready to extinguish an immediate fire hazard;
  • Dry Systems: prevents water from freezing in pipes exposed to cold temperatures;
  • Foam Systems: used where large amounts of fuel are in a confined area;
  • Chemical Systems: used in kitchen fire suppression systems where grease and oil fires need to smothered.

Pool Design

Pool design for public pools is regulated building codes and municipal ordinances. Engineering consultants will ensure that pools meet provincial pool standards, designed well in advance of any digging. The final project is a pool that meets safety and water quality standards. We will work with our mechanical consulting partners to design and sign off on pool and spa designs throughout Western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Canada's North.

Other Systems

Other systems that are part of a safe and functional building design can include:

  • Heat and energy recovery systems;
  • Heating plant designs;
  • Chiller plant designs, for buildings four stories and up;
  • Displacement ventilation systems design, particularly important for restaurants;
  • Compressed air and specialty fluid distribution systems, for industrial and light-industrial clients;
  • Dust collection systems, a specialized industrial design service. One example of why dust mitigation is so important are the deadly industrial sawmill explosions in British Columbia;
  • Medical gas systems, for medical and dental clinics;
  • Storm water retention & abatement systems. Meltwater from thick snow melt and rain-water from heavy downpours must be removed to reduce structural loads from buildings, and channelled to the municipal storm water system without flooding your neighbour's property.

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