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Electrical Design for Wineries

Wineries can have complex electrical needs. There are many aspects to a winery that can include production areas, administrative offices, tasting rooms, retail areas, and multimedia and entertainment areas. Even the location of the winery can play a factor in design.

Some of the many design considerations for wineries include:

  • Determining the electricity capacity required to power up every aspect of the winery, including room for possible future expansion;
  • A discussion of the types and numbers of equipment projected for each part of the facility;
  • Specialized systems that wineries may have, such as control systems for lighting or humidity, automatic fans, audiovisual systems, and the processing area which may include the "crush pad", temperature/humidity controlled storage, and other equipment;
  • Interior and exterior lighting, and life safety systems;
  • Working and coordinating with various team members, including mechanical consultants, municipalities, general contractors, architects, and others.

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